Fund I: The Mercantile

Omaha, NE

The Mercantile is a city-defining mixed-use project in the heart of Omaha’s CBD. The development by Hines will bridge Omaha’s unique topography of the lake and riverfront with the vibrant amenity based off of the Old Market.


  • Investment Value Proposition

    Location Scarcity

    No other sites in Omaha can replicate proximity to all three areas – the CBD, the Old Market and water frontage, rendering this site, one-of a kind

    Diverse and Stable Omaha Economy

    Well-rounded economy driven by a diverse group of Fortune 500 and 1000 firms

    Adjacent to Riverfront Revitalization Park Project

    $300 million, fully funded predominantly private project creating a dynamic new destination

    Master Planned Community

    Phase I of multi-phased generational project that will deliver apartments, condos, retail, a beautifully landscaped boulevard, a boutique hotel, and office space poised to be a transformative development in Omaha

    Alternative Public Funding Sources

    Three public support sources have been identified to support the project that include TIF, Capital Improvement Projects, and funding for the garage

  • Key Statistics & Details

    Key Statistic Details
    Market | Submarket Omaha, NE | Downtown Omaha
    Partner Hines
    Building One 4-Story, Mid-rise Apartment
    # of Units 375 Units
    Commercial Space 42,000 SF of Retail

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