Cresset-Diversified QOZ Fund


Qualified Opportunity Zones

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created QOZs to provide potentially significant tax benefits to investors who re-invest capital gains into long-term investments into communities designated for economic development. This solution is useful for investors who have substantial capital gains and a desire to realize them in a tax-efficient manner.

The Cresset-Diversified Solution

Cresset Partners, led by Eric Becker and Avy Stein, and Diversified Real Estate Capital, led by Larry Levy, have partnered to create the Cresset-Diversified QOZ Fund. The Fund is managed by an experienced team of investors along with legal, tax and accounting experts. The Fund held its first close in December 2018, and will hold a final close no later than December 31, 2019.

The Fund closed on its investment in Houston in April 2019 and started construction shortly thereafter, making the Preston one of the largest QOZ investments in the U.S. to start construction. The Preston is being developed in partnership with Hines. In June 2019, the Fund closed on the purchase of land for its second project, North Wynkoop, in the RiNo Neighborhood in Denver. North Wynkoop is also being developed in partnership with Hines. In addition to Houston and Denver, the fund has three other investments under contract in the midwest, northwest and northeast.

Investments Summary

The Cresset-Diversified QOZ Fund targets high-quality real estate investments in primary markets across the United States and partners with top developers to build core assets that will create and sustain long-term value. The following information summarizes investments currently closed, funded, or under contract for the Fund.

The Preston | Houston, TX

The Preston, a residential tower in downtown Houston, will create a multi-faceted living experience for residents. Rising 46 floors to over 500 feet, this iconic skyscraper will be an anchor of the Inner Loop East borough. Construction is slated to complete in 2021.

North Wynkoop | Denver, CO

A Hines development property, North Wynkoop is a build-to-core asset located in the only available development site within an opportunity zone in downtown Denver. This 11-story, mid-rise apartment will be comprised of approximately 390 units and will total over 335,000 square feet.

Eleven West | Portland, OR

Rising 24 stories, Eleven West will be the highest-end multi-family project in Portland and will offer optimal office space for the Portland market. Eleven West is located within the #1 rated Qualified Opportunity Zone census tract in the Country by SmartGrowth.

T3 Finery | Nashville, TN

The unique T3 Finery development is located in Nashville’s Wedgewood Houston area, which has been deemed the creative hub of Nashville, with a walkable neighborhood and an unmatched artistic spirit.

River Crossing | Omaha, NE

River Crossing is a city-defining mixed-use project in the heart of Omaha’s CBD. The development by Hines will bridge Omaha’s unique topography of the lake and riverfront with the vibrant amenity based off of the Old Market.

Ripley II | DC Metro Area

Ripley II is a luxury 403-unit high-rise apartment development with 15,000 sf of retail located in the Ripley District of downtown Silver Spring, MD in the DC Metro. This will be the third multi-family property developed by Washington Property Company in the immediate vicinity.

NoMo | Charleston, NC

Due to extensive amenities and a central, accessible location, NoMo will appeal to a variety of demographics including professionals working in both the North Charleston and Downtown Charleston employment nodes.

To learn more about the Cresset-Diversified QOZ Fund or to share a QOZ investment opportunity, contact us below.

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Major Benefit to After-Tax Returns

  • After-tax gains on a QOZ Investment can be more than double those of a similar investment without the QOZ benefits.
  • The table below illustrates an investor’s potential after-tax returns in a QOZ investment compared to the investment of capital gains in a traditional investment both appreciating at 10%.
Traditional Investment QOZ Investment
Invested Capital Gain $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Less: Capital Gain Tax Investment (23.8%) (238,000) 0
After-Tax Investment 762,000 1,000,000
Year 10 Value (assumes 10% annual investment appreciation) 1,976,432 2,593,742
Less: Year 10 Capital Gains Tax (23.8%) (289,035) 0
Year 10 After-Tax Value 1,687,397 2,593,742
Less: Cap Gains Taxes on Invested Gains Due on 12.31.26* 0 (202,300)
Total Year 10 After-Tax Value $1,687,397 $2,391,442
Total Year 10 After-Tax Net Gain** $687,397 $1,391,442
  • * Assumes investment is held for 7 years and a 15% step-up in basis is applied to original capital gain that was invested
  • ** Assumes 10-year holding periods, annual rate of investment appreciation of 10%, and a long-term capital gains tax rate of 23.8%.
  • Note: The amounts shown are not net of fees and carry in either the traditional investment or the QOZ investment. This is to illustrate the tax benefits of QOZ investments prior to any fee structures.

QOZ Investment Time

By investing in an opportunity zone, investors are able to defer taxes on capital gains, reduce taxes by holding the investment, and eliminate taxes if held for 10 years, as illustrated below.

  1. 0

    Year 0

    Harvested gains are invested into the fund.

  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 4
  6. 5

    Year 51

    The original capital gain is reduced by 10%.

  7. 6
  8. 7

    Year 72

    The original capital gain is reduced by an additional 5%, for a total reduction of 15%.

  9. 8

    Dec 31, 2026

    Original capital gains tax is due unless the asset has been sold.3

  10. 9
  11. 10

    Year 10

    When the investment is sold, tax is eliminated on QOZ capital gain.

  • 1 This reduction is effectuated by increasing the tax basis of the Investor’s interest in the Fund by 10% of the capital gain that the Investor elected to roll over (invested in the Fund), and is only available with respect to investments made prior to December 31, 2021.  The amount of capital gain that is recognized when the deferral period ends will be the capital gain that the Investor elected to roll over (or, if less, the fair market value of the Investor’s investment in the Fund) less the Investor’s tax basis in Fund, all determined at that time.  The final income tax liability will vary depending on, among other things, the applicable capital gains tax rate and the fair market value of the investment in the Fund when the deferral period ends.
  • 2 This reduction is effectuated by increasing the basis of the Investor’s interest in the Fund by an additional 5% of the capital gain that the Investor elected to roll over (invested in the Fund), thus reducing the net capital gain by a total of 15%, and is only available with respect to investments made prior to December 31, 2019.  See the prior footnote for further description of the amount of capital gain that is recognized and final income tax liability when the deferral period ends.
  • 3 In which case, the tax is due when the sale occurred

Real Estate Target Investments

  • Multi-family
  • Office
  • Student Housing
  • Industrial / Distribution
  • Parking Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Storage
  • Low-income Housing
  • Relocation of existing operating businesses into QOZs


  • Avy Stein

    Co-Founder & Co-Chairman

  • Eric Becker

    Co-Founder & Co-Chairman

  • Larry Levy

    Diversified Real Estate

  • Mark Stern

    Senior Managing Director

  • Jeffrey Cherner

    Senior Managing Director, Co-Founder
    Diversified Real Estate

  • Michael Miller

    Senior Managing Director, Co-Founder
    Diversified Real Estate

  • Bill Rudnick

    Fund Counsel

  • Chris Boehm

    Senior Managing Director

  • Nicholas Parrish

    Co-Head of Business Development & Investor Relations

  • Nick Marietti

    Managing Director, Real Estate
    Cresset Partners

  • Matt Teitelbaum

    Vice President of Business Development
    Cresset Partners

  • Will Hoesley

    Cresset Partners

  • Carter Eckerline

    Cresset Partners


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