Built by families, for families

Cresset Family Office will offer both strategic and tactical advisory and consulting services for clients that manage wealth as a family enterprise.

Cresset Family Office Supports Financial, Intellectual, Human and Social Assets

Strategic Planning

  • Family Values, Identification & Alignment
  • Family Communication Planning & Implementation
  • Family Education & Leadership Development
  • Governance & Role Clarification
  • Family & Business History
  • Retreats & Education
  • Philanthropy

Tactical Planning

  • Family Enterprise Administration, Consulting, & Succession Planning
  • Net Worth Management
  • Estate & Tax Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic, Thematic, & Impact Investing
  • Banking & Credit Consulting
  • Grant Administration


Will Amerine, MBA
Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships, Mountain Region

Michael Cole
Chief Executive Officer

Tom Crotty, CPA
Managing Director, Family Office Advisory, West Region

Katrina Daley
Executive Assistant to Michael Cole

Martim De Arantes Oliveira
Regional Managing Director, West Region

Jan Farren
Senior Managing Director, Marketing, Communications and Professional Development

Mark Foster
Senior Managing Director, Head of Banking and Credit Consulting

Rachel Gil
Associate Director, Family Enterprise Consulting

Katie Howard
Strategic Project Analyst

Kevin Long
Senior Managing Director

Jacob Parrish
Strategic Project Analyst

Jill Shipley
Senior Managing Director, Family Culture, Impact and Governance

Vimala Snow
Managing Director, Wealth Strategist, Mountain Region

Kristiana Sullivan
Associate Director of Client Experience, West Region

Sisi Tran, J.D., LLM
Managing Director, Wealth Strategist, West Region

Scott Winget, JD, CPA
Senior Managing Director, Head of Family Enterprise Consulting

To inquire about membership opportunities, please contact Katrina Daley at 415.659.1824.