About Cresset Partners


Cresset Partners (“CP”) was founded with the goal of providing investors access to an ecosystem of private market opportunities. Our team has a team of industry professionals to source, evaluate, and execute on private market opportunities, complemented by an experienced group of the firm’s advisors.

Alternative Investment Thesis

  • Historically, long-term investments have the ability to create significant wealth through compounding growth opportunities
  • As the number of publicly traded companies has decreased over the years, the opportunities for growth investments in the public market have decreased
  • Due to regulatory burdens, public company costs and the abundance of private capital, we expect companies to trend towards private capital rather than going public
  • While many private market opportunities are available only to large-scale investors such as Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity firms, and large Family Offices – we believe that a broad cross-section of high-net worth and Family Office investors should have access to investments in these asset classes

Our Value Proposition

FOUNDED BY SOPHISTICATED INVESTORS – Our experienced team is led by private equity entrepreneurs Avy Stein and Eric Becker, who have started, nurtured, or backed over 150 businesses and raised over $8 billion.

LONG-TERM ORIENTATION – CP is focused on long-term value creation via growth in scale and profitability of companies and properties.

INVESTOR VALUE PROPOSITION – We seek to generate private investment returns while providing cash flow and mitigating the J-curve impact and fee inefficiencies typically associated with private investments. We offer thoughtful investment management to provide tax efficient distributions and long-term gains for our investors.

AGILITY & SPEED – Unconstrained by traditional fund structures, we have the ability to act quickly to take advantage of timely and differentiated investment opportunities.

CRESSET ECOSYSTEM – We leverage the extensive Cresset ecosystem—through which we can access investments that are not available to other investors—for sourcing, diligence, and advice.

ALIGNMENT – Our founders, principals, and many of our team members make meaningful investments alongside investors ensuring alignment of interests in every fund that we launch.

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