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Invest in Opportunity Zones

Realize significant tax benefits from your capital gains.


Invest in Cresset’s QOZ Program

Access a portfolio of real estate in high-growth, urban markets.


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More than 40,000 permanent & temporary jobs are being created by investments from Cresset’s Diversified QOZ Funds.

Seek Opportunity. Build Community.

Put your capital gains to work. Help maximize your long-term investments with investors who leverage extensive real estate experience alongside a deep team of operational, tax, legal, and asset management professionals.


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Invest in Quality Real Estate

The fund focuses on institutional, urban core real estate development opportunities with deeply experienced development partners in high-growth markets across the country.

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Reduce Your Tax Burden

The QOZ legislation defers your capital gains taxes, so you can leverage your portfolio and eliminate those taxes if held for 10 years or more.

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Realize Net Gains

Use a long-term QOZ investment strategy to make the most from your capital gains over time — helping your investment do more.

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The Greatest Tax Benefits I Have Seen in My Career

I have tremendous belief not only in real estate in general, but particularly in opportunity zone real estate. We’re working with best-in-class developers and creating jobs in the nation’s fastest-growing cities—while simultaneously working within the greatest tax benefit I have seen in my career.

Larry Levy, Co-Founder | Cresset Real Estate Partners

The opinions expressed in this quote are those of Larry Levy and not those of Cresset Partners, LLC.

Larry Levy

Our QOZ Real Estate Assets


Hilite Project

Hilite - Fund II

  • Seattle, WA | Multifamily & Retail
  • Trent Development & Hatteras Sky
  • Under Construction
Skye on 6th Phoenix, AZ

Skye on 6th - Fund II

  • Phoenix, AZ | Multifamily & Retail
  • Hubbard Street Group
  • Under Construction
FAT Village Project

FAT Village - Fund II

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL | Mixed Use
  • Hines
Easton Park QOZ

Easton Park - Fund II

  • Austin, TX | Multifamily
  • Hines
Ember Project

Ember - Fund II

  • Seattle, WA | Multifamily & Retail
  • Trent Development & Hatteras Sky
Brava Project

Brava - Fund I

  • Houston, TX | Multifamily
  • Hines
  • Under Construction
Eleven West in Portland, OR

Eleven West - Fund I

  • Portland, OR | Multifamily & Office
  • Downtown Development Group & Gerding Edlen
  • Under Construction
Finery in Nashville, TN

The Finery - Fund I

  • Nashville, TN | Multifamily & Office
  • Hines
  • Under Construction
Mica in Denver, CO

Mica RiNo - Fund I

  • Denver, CO | Multifamily
  • Hines
  • Under Construction
Qualified Opportunity Zone

The Mercantile - Fund I

  • Omaha, NE | Multifamily
  • Hines
  • Under Construction
Best QOZ Investments

Cormac - Fund I

  • Charleston, SC | Multifamily & Retail
  • Lennar
  • Under Construction
Ripley II in Silver Spring, MD

Ripley II - Fund I

  • Silver Spring, MD | Multifamily
  • Washington Property Company
  • Under Construction

Investors will not acquire an interest in any displayed properties, which are owned by funds.

What is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Investment Fund?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created QOZs to provide potentially significant tax benefits to investors who re-invest capital gains into long-term investments into communities designated for economic development.

This solution is useful for accredited investors who have substantial capital gains, a desire to realize them in a tax-efficient manner, and a commitment to socially-impactful investments.

High Impact, High Reward Investing

Unlike traditional investments, a QOZ investment offers investors two primary tax advantages:

  1. Defers taxes on your capital gains.
  2. Eliminates taxes on opportunity fund profits held for 10 or more years.


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Are You An Accredited Investor & Qualified Client?

This fund is available to investors who meet certain criteria.


Registered Representatives with Foreside Fund Services, LLC, which is not affiliated with Cresset or its affiliates.

Disclosures & Risks
An investment in Cresset-Diversified QOZ Fund III, LP (the “Fund”) will involve a high degree of risk and is suitable only for investors that have no immediate need for liquidity of the amount invested and can withstand a loss of their entire investment in the Fund. When analyzing an investment in the Fund, prospective investors should consider, without limitation, the following risks, and should also carefully review the more thorough discussion of risk factors and potential conflicts of interest contained within the Fund Documents (defined below).
No Assurance of Investment Return; Possible Loss of Entire Investment
Cresset cannot provide any assurance that it will be able to choose, make and realize investments in any particular asset or portfolio of assets. Similarly, there can be no assurance that the Fund overall will be able to generate returns for its investors or that the returns will be commensurate with the risks of investing in the types of assets the Fund will be targeting. There can be no assurance that any investor will receive any distribution from the Fund. Accordingly, an investment in the Fund should only be considered by persons who can afford a loss of their entire investment. Prospective investors are cautioned that past performance of investment entities associated with Cresset or its affiliates is not necessarily indicative of future results and provides no assurance of future success.
Returns May Not Be Equivalent to Those of Prior Funds
There can be no assurance that the Fund’s returns will approach the individual or collective historical performance of other Cresset funds. Past Cresset deal flow is not necessarily indicative of future deal flow with respect to the Fund. The loss of all or a portion of the amount invested in any of the Fund’s investments is possible.
Specified Investments; Lack of Diversification
Cresset anticipates that the Fund’s investments will be limited to those identified in this presentation, meaning that an investment in the Fund would provide limited diversification. An adverse change in, loss to, or failure to consummate one or more of the identified investments could have a material adverse effect on the Fund.
Lack of Liquidity
An investment in the Fund will be highly illiquid and requires a long-term commitment, with no certainty of return. Cresset anticipates a long time period between the initial capitalization of the Fund and the time when the Fund’s investors may receive distributions, if any. Additionally, the types of assets in which the Fund intends to invest are illiquid and will remain so for an indefinite period. Depending on market activity, volatility, applicable laws and other factors, the Fund may not be able to promptly liquidate its investments at an attractive price or at all. The sale of any such investments may be subject to delays and additional costs and may be possible only at substantial discounts.
Dependence on Key Personnel
The success of the Fund will be dependent on the financial and managerial experience of Cresset and its personnel. There can be no assurance that current Cresset personnel will continue to be associated with Cresset or its affiliates throughout the life of the Fund. Similarly, there can be no assurance that the members of the Fund’s investment committee will remain the same during the life of the Fund. If the Fund’s management team cannot agree on decisions affecting the Fund, it may adversely impact investment results of the Fund, or the loss of personnel.
Additionally, Cresset personnel may be engaged in other activities besides management of the Fund.
Risks Inherent in Real Estate Investments
All real estate investments are subject to some degree of risk. For example, real estate investments are relatively illiquid and, therefore, may tend to limit the Fund’s ability to promptly adjust the Fund’s portfolio in response to changes in economic or other conditions. No assurances can be given that the fair market value of any real estate investments held by the Fund will not decrease in the future or that the Fund will recognize full value for any investment that the Fund is required to sell for liquidity reasons. Other risks include changes in zoning, building, environmental and other governmental laws, changes in operating expenses, changes in real estate tax rates, changes in interest rates and changes in the availability, costs and terms of mortgage funds, energy prices, changes in the relative popularity of properties, the ongoing need for capital improvements, cash flow risks, construction risks, as well as natural catastrophes, acts of war, terrorism, civil unrest, uninsurable losses and other factors beyond the control of the Fund or the management team.
Tax Risks – Opportunity Zone Provisions
The Fund was formed for the purpose of benefiting from the QOF program, and presently intends to conduct its operations so that it is treated as a QOF within the meaning of Subchapter Z of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. However, no assurances can be provided that the Fund will qualify as a QOF or that, even if it does qualify, the tax benefits related to the QOF program will be available to any particular investor in the Fund. In addition, complying with QOF regulations could have a material adverse effect on the Fund’s performance. The Fund may change its acquisition program, its strategies, and the investments or types of investments it may make at any time and from time to time in order to comply with any additional legislation or administrative guidance from Congress or the Treasury.