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Cresset Logistics Funds

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Cresset’s Logistics Funds are designed to take advantage of the dramatic need for industrial real estate in a post-COVID and e-commerce-reliant environment.

Why invest in the supply chain?

Ever-growing e-commerce reliance and compounding supply chain disruptions continue to create significant demand for modern industrial real estate, heavily outpacing supply. The lack of U.S. warehouse facilities is driving both rent costs and record low vacancies.

By 2025, projections show that 1 billion square feet of additional inventory will be needed to bring supply and demand closer to equilibrium.*

*Source: JLL Position Paper | Summer 2020

“This is an Investment in the American Consumer”

“Ultimately, this is an investment in the American consumer. The more goods we buy, the more goods we need to house domestically. Every item that comes onshore, or that is manufactured domestically, needs a roof above it. And that’s where we really impact the supply chain.”

Dominic DeRose, Managing Director | Cresset Real Estate Partners

The opinions expressed in this quote are those of Dominic DeRose and not those of Cresset Partners, LLC.

Dominic DeRose

Our Warehouse Facilities

Hines Supply Chain Logistics Investing

Whiteland 65 Phases I & II - Fund I

Indianapolis, IN | Under Construction

303-Crossroads-1 Phoenix, AZ

303 Crossroads Building 1 - Fund I

Phoenix, AZ | Under Construction


303 Crossroads Building 2 - Fund I

Phoenix, AZ | Under Construction

Tradepoint 45 West - Fund I

Dallas, TX | Pre-Development

5139 Williamsport

5139 Williamsport - Fund I

Martinsburg, WV | Under Construction

Clarius-Park-Hardeeville Savannah, GA

Clarius Park Hardeeville - Fund I & II

Savannah, GA | Pre-Development

Conroe Business Center Phase I - Fund I

Houston, TX | Pre-Development

Port 95 Charleston, SC

Port 95 Business Park - Fund II

Charleston, SC | Under Construction

Wylie Distribution Center Wylie, TX

Wylie Distribution Center - Fund II

Wylie, TX | Under Construction

Investment Process

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We leverage our existing network and reputation in the market to develop a robust pipeline of partners and development projects.

Our target markets have high barriers to entry and/or strong population growth relative to the existing supply of functional industrial buildings.

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Our experienced local partners are paired with our asset management team to enable geographic diversification without sacrificing execution or market edge.

We extract value from local development partners via their national and local relationships with relevant tenants and brokers.

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Market dynamics are actively monitored to take advantage of e-commerce acceleration, logistics, and capital markets trends.

We seek to capitalize on institutional appetite for new, stabilized, Class A assets.

We benefit from deep institutional buyer pools and low interest rates, which have fueled recent trends of rate compression.

Are You An Accredited Investor & qualified client?

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Instead of making Investments directly, the Fund may make investments through partnerships, joint ventures, corporations, companies, or other entities. Such Investments may involve risks not present in Investments made directly by the Fund. When investing through joint ventures or through other entities with third parties, the Fund could have limited governance rights. The Fund’s Investments will be subject to the risks inherent in the ownership and operation of real estate and real estate-related businesses and assets. Deterioration of real estate fundamentals generally, and in the U.S. in particular, would negatively impact the performance of the Fund. There can be no assurance that there will be a ready market for the resale of Investments. Illiquidity may result from the absence of an established market for Investments or a disruption in the market. The may utilize leverage, the degree of leverage could have important consequences to investors, including limiting the ability of the Fund to obtain additional financing in the future for working capital, capital expenditures, acquisitions, development or other general corporate purposes and making the Fund more vulnerable to a downturn in business or the economy generally. Restrictions on resale or the absence of a liquid secondary market may adversely affect the Fund’s ability to determine its value.

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