Cresset refers to Cresset Manager, LLC and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates. Cresset Asset Management, LLC provides investment advisory, family office, and other services to individuals, families, and institutional clients. Cresset Partners, LLC (“CP”) provides investment advisory services strictly to investment vehicles investing in private equity, real estate and other investment opportunities. Cresset Asset Management, LLC, also dba PagnatoKarp, Berman Cresset and Berman Capital Advisors (“Advisor”), and Cresset Partners, LLC are SEC registered investment advisors.

Committed Capital: CP has $2.4 billion in Committed Capital as of 4/15/22.

Completed Investments: CP has 30 completed investments as of 4/15/22.

Funds Raised in Cresset Diversified QOZ Fund I: Cresset Diversified QOZ Fund I closed in Q2 2020, having raised $465M.

Total Equity Commitments to QOZ Projects: As of 4/15/22, Cresset Diversified QOZ Fund I has committed $424M in equity to QOZ projects, and Cresset Diversified QOZ Fund II has committed $531M in equity to QOZ projects, totaling $955M in equity commitments to QOZ projects.

Investors: CP has over 1300 committed investors across all CP investment vehicles as of 4/15/22.