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Cresset Partners Private Credit Fund

A diversified portfolio of cash-flowing, senior secured loans.
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Private credit is an all-weather strategy that has the potential to generate more attractive risk-adjusted returns relative to traditional fixed income markets.

Why Private Credit?

The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of senior secured loans, among other private credit opportunities.

Senior secured loans provide a natural and effective hedge against inflation and rising interest rates due to the floating-rate coupon. Recent market volatility has led to spread widening, providing a compelling environment to deploy capital into private credit.

Strong tailwinds exist for private credit due to the significant amount of "dry powder" that remains within private equity funds, providing for a sustained private credit opportunity environment for the foreseeable future.

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A Significant Opportunity
for Investors

"The demand for private credit continues to grow, as there has been decreased participation by banks in the leveraged loan market. We believe this growing, $1 trillion asset class represents a significant opportunity for our investors."

Kevin O'Donnell, Executive Managing Director | Cresset Partners

Investor Benefits

The Fund is designed to deliver consistent income and strong downside management by investing in a diversified portfolio of loans with leading managers1 at attractive economics.
Leading Credit Managers
Access institutional managers through custom vehicles.
Deep Experience
A team with decades evaluating managers and building private market portfolios.
Portfolio Diversification
Highly diversified across industry sectors, sponsors, and companies.
Tax Efficiency Blocker Fund
Helps tax-exempt investors reduce tax impact and enhances after-tax returns.
Fee-Efficient Access to Funds
Cresset's scale and deep network helps secure lower, more efficient fee structures.
Higher Returns
Founder Investors participate in the GP, further increasing return potential.

What is Private Credit?

The Fund's strategy is focused on direct lending—the predominant asset class in the private credit universe. Direct lending includes any debt held by—or extended to—privately held companies, and it most commonly involves non-bank institutions making loans to private companies. The private company must pay back the full sum of the loan, plus interest, to the lending institution. Direct loans are senior in the capital stack, secured by collateral, and offer floating interest rates.

Non-Bank Lender

Sources and structures each transaction, dealing directly with the borrower.

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Private Company

Relies upon the lender to support ongoing growth initiatives.

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Principle + Interest

The borrower must pay back the full loan principle, with interest, in accordance with deal terms. Direct lending is attractive to many investors due to its premium yields above public fixed income.2

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